Omnibus-style container for Rebased and Soapbox
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set -e
echo "-- Waiting for database..."
while ! pg_isready -d $DATABASE_URL -t 1; do
sleep 1s
COUNT=$(psql -p 5433 -q -c "select count(datname) from pg_catalog.pg_database where datname = 'pleroma'" -t -A | tr -d '\n');
if [ "$COUNT" -lt "1" ]; then
echo "Creating database..."
psql -p 5433 -q -c "create user pleroma with encrypted password 'bleromer'"
psql -p 5433 -q -c "create database pleroma with owner = 'pleroma'"
psql -p 5433 -q -c "grant all privileges on database pleroma to pleroma"