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  Pasture Pastureson d286933398 revert hashflags, for now 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson f018a6cad5 document Instance:EnableHashflags 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson c5fe304694 Hashflags 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 6e9a3bc100 fix null value handling? 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 7e1163c3d4 :verified: checkmarks on verified accounts, because why not 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 63b85f143d set example handle to @lain@pleroma.com 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson af8345d8c9 Remote follow 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 3cf3f95ccb Mark Tweets that are reported as potentially sensitive with as:sensitive 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson e9b24ed91f document Instance:DiscloseInstanceRestrictions 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson f0cf26e33f Federation -> instance restrictions 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 1463a35c32 Disclose federation restrictions 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 8299249973 Add info banner to about page, announce follower count limit 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson fd1b3ab983 Set a maximum number of follows per user 3 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson f99d5fdc09 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/NicolasConstant/BirdsiteLIVE 4 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 54eadbe393 add +pasture to version string 4 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 1991f2bf88 add options to change alternate twitter domain label and show 'about instance' on profiles 4 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson b94926be73 use custom twitter domain in infoboxes, add 'about [instance name]' to infoboxes 4 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 14f187a970 add info banner, slightly adjust about page 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 7fbd12102b Also rewrite RT URLs 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 6ab26f9f7a Add rewriting for twitter.com 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 07dc912624
Merge pull request #108 from NicolasConstant/develop 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant e6bb9f192d
Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/NicolasConstant/BirdsiteLive into develop 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 50cf8d799c
road to 0.17.0 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 2730c40ae8
Update BSLManager.md 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 9686d6187d
added basic logging 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant a9a59eb433
Update README.md 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 0896e8a2bf
Create BSLManager.md 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant b3bb57157f
Merge pull request #107 from NicolasConstant/topic_admin-tooling 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 0e787bbca8
better deserialization 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 7ed993e51d
getting settings manually 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 2b09bc37f8
fix docker images 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 5dfec51f41 Update 'docker-compose.yml' 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson eb633d3d84 Update instructions 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 046588689f More adjustments to home/About page 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 3c1375a963 Update README 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson eedd32371a Fix CRLF? 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 1930ea97c2 Cache tweets 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson a5730e37cb Fix source code URL, again 5 months ago
  Pasture Pastureson 36405c6a9c Rework about page, change GitHub link 5 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 40d02b3353
Merge pull request #103 from NicolasConstant/topic_admin-tooling 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant bc0e6e95d6
simplify dockerfile 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 77088c78a4
added followersListState tests 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant d95163f696
Merge branch 'develop' into topic_admin-tooling 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant ed7ac5303e
Added Trace Info 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant a2e547104f
Merge pull request #102 from NicolasConstant/develop 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 77f4b49d9a
increasing user limit 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant cad6c2018e
fix warm up number 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 32a4a6356b
road to 0.16.2 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant d0f817e1a8
fix url missing with some AP softwares 6 months ago
  Nicolas Constant 13026a56ad
clean up 6 months ago