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@ -151,3 +151,7 @@ docker-compose pull
# Start a new container, automatically removes old one
docker-compose up -d
## More options
You can find more options available [here](

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@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ You can find an official (and temporary) instance here: [](htt
## Installation
I'm providing a [Docker build](, to install it on your own server, please follow [those instructions](
I'm providing a [docker build]( To install it on your own server, please follow [those instructions]( More [options]( are also available.
## License

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# Environment variables
You can configure some of BirdsiteLIVE's settings via environment variables (those are optionnals):
## Logging
* `Logging:Type` set the type of the logging and monitoring system, currently the only type supported is `insights` for *Azure Application Insights* (PR welcome to support other types)
* `Logging:InstrumentationKey` the instrumentation key for Azure Application Insights
## Instance customization
* `Instance:ResolveMentionsInProfiles` (default: true) to enable or disable mentions parsing in profile's description. Resolving it will consume more User's API calls since newly discovered account can also contain references to others accounts as well. On a big instance it is recommended to disable it.